Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., (NBI) is an international research and development company dedicated to offering solutions that are based on scientific research. NBI’s research is focused on developing natural botanical compounds for beneficial use by the consumer. The development of our natural botanical products is founded on this continuing research at leading medical institutions (MDACC, John Hopkins, Duke, LSU, ST&T, etc.) using the latest scientific methods and technology. The NBI-USA corporate business and research office is located in San Antonio, Texas.

The initial research conducted by Dr. Robert Newman on NBI’s natural botanical compounds has led to the re-discovery, identification, isolation, and further development of core ingredients from the Nerium oleander plant. The continuing research and utilization of proprietary technologies has provided NBI the opportunity to develop a series of Nerium Ingredient-based products.

Social Responsibility

Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. (NBI) is focusing its research efforts to develop products that conform with the paradigm for the socially responsible approach to the treatment of cancer as described by the National Cancer Institute.

This paradigm seeks to develop therapeutic agents and treatment regimens that will enable physicians to eventually deal with cancer as a chronic condition rather than an acute condition and enable patients to live extended lives with a high or improved quality of life. With this focus, NBI is striving to develop therapies to enhance quality of life while fighting diseases.