Divisions / Subsidiaries

Nerium Farms™ – USA Based Commercial Farm Operations

USA-based commercial farming operations were established for the cultivation of the Nerium oleander plant. These environmentally responsible and earth-friendly farming operations and fields of naturally grown Nerium oleander plants provide the raw material for NBI’s botanical research. Utilizing strict biomedical field protocols, the farm provides a dedicated and renewable biomass resource reserved exclusively for biotechnology research, product development, and production.

Nerium SkinCare, Inc.® - USA Based

Nerium SkinCare utilizes the NBI research and technology in the development, formulation, clinical testing, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and product commercialization for its "first of class" natural skin care ingredients and products, designed for topical use. It’s this technology, core science, and continuing research of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. on which Nerium SkinCare relies.

Salud Integral Group™ – Latin American Operations

Today, NBI holds a unique position in the international pharmaceutical sector: It has a well-defined product that represents a “first of class” botanical compound for potent inhibition of the proliferation of cancer. The Salud Integral Group, provides for distribution and integrates the manufacturing, marketing, and sales of this product.