Nerium Bio Technology, Inc.

Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., (NBI)

is a biotechnology research company with its USA corporate business and research office located in San Antonio, Texas.

NBI Divisions and Subsidiaries
Nerium Farms™ a USA-based commercial farming operation that provides resources reserved exclusively for biotechnology research, product development and production.
Nerium Skin Care, Inc.® a USA-based subsidiary that develops, formulates, and manufactures natural skin care products.
The Salud Integral Group™ includes four (4) Latin American corporations that provides manufacturing and product distribution.


Research & Development

NBI is an international R&D (research and development) company dedicated to science based product development. NBI, in concert with leading medical research institutions, has focused research and product development on the anti-cancer, anti-viral, immune-stimulating, and the dermal properties of natural botanical compounds.

From this research, NBI has rediscovered, identified, and pursues the further development of well-defined constituents from the Nerium oleander plant. Utilizing proprietary technologies; NBI has been able to isolate and extract the core ingredients in a way that preserves the unique components and beneficial properties this plant has to offer.