Nerium Bio Technology Inc.

Product Development

Nerium Biotechnology, Inc.® (NBI) s dedicated to offering solutions that provide for science based product development and actual customer success. The natural botanical products offered to the consumer are founded on continuing research at leading medical institutions using the latest scientific methods and technology. Utilizing this biotechnology research and breakthrough technology, NBI continues to harness the unique and effective properties of nature’s botanical compounds.

Products: US-based Operations

Nerium SkinCare, Inc.®

Nerium SkinCare utilizes the NBI research and technology in the development, formulation, clinical testing, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and product commercialization for its "first of class" natural skin care ingredients and products, designed for topical use. It’s this technology, core science, and continuing research of NBI on which Nerium SkinCare relies.

Nerium SkinCare’s product development has focused on the key patented Nerium Aloe Ingredient NAE-8® which can be enhanced with fragrance, coloration, NAE-8® strength, Aloe Vera strength, absorption/anti-absorption components, moisturizing components and additional quality ingredients for targeted products/markets. The experience and ability to develop, formulate and add additional botanical ingredients to the multiple products required for Nerium SkinCare's success is in place.

Products: Latin American Operations

Salud Integral Group™











The Salud Integral Group (SIG) is based in Latin America and integrates the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of products.

SIG’s initial product, Anvirzel® is an internationally patented Nerium oleander-based product composed of both polar and non-polar compounds, and containing at least five polysaccharides, two cardiac glycosides, and five proteins.

Anvirzel"Anvirzel®, from of the ornamental plant Nerium oleander, contains oleandrin as a principal cytotoxic component. Anvirzel® has pharmacologic activities against human tumor cells. For example, in addition to its established ability to inhibit Na+, K+ -ATPase activity, this compound is known to result in induction of apoptosis, produce a sustained increase in [Ca2+], inhibit activation of NF-KB, release cytochrome C, activate caspase-dependent pathways, PARP cleavage, and produce persistent cell signal transduction events including activation of MAPK pathway, Racl, p21-activated kinase, and c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase pathways." Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology. Additional science, "Oleandrin can also induce cell death through autophagy." Integrated Cancer Therapies

NBI is transitioning from the administration of Anvirzel® as a therapeutic agent by intramuscular injection to oral/sublingual administration with continuing clinical trials for Anvirzel® in process at MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC).

Nerium Viral™ - Nerium Immune™
Two additional Nerium oleander-based products, have been granted Sanitary Registers by the Health Ministry of the Republic of Honduras: Nerium Viral for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, Herpes Simplex1, etc. and Nerium Immune to provide immune support. Top

Quality Statement

As a commitment to quality, Nerium Biotechnology, Inc.® (NBI) will not compromise on what goes into our products. The quality of NBI’s products is a direct result of the investment made into the people, scientific research, new technology development, natural farming methods, biomass processing, cGMP production facilities, and product safety testing.