Research Publications

M. D. Anderson sponsored research has led to numerous peer-reviewed articles. To date there has been a substantial increase in the number of studies reported in peer-reviewed science journals that deal with the effects of cardiac glycosides on the growth of human malignant tumor cells. Our understanding of the spectrum of the pharmacologic activities of cardiac glycosides has increased significantly since the discovery of their effectiveness for treatment of congestive heart failure. It is now recognized that certain cardiac glycosides are involved in complex cell signal transduction mechanisms that may have important consequences in their application to the prevention and/or treatment of malignant diseases.

Research Publications:

Anti Cancer
Anvirzel™, an extract of Nerium oleander, induces cell death in human but not murine cancer cells.

Cancer Research, (2 articles)
Cardiac Glycosides Stimulate Ca2+ Increases and Apoptosis in Androgen-independent, Metastatic Human Prostate Adenocarcinoma Cells.

Oleandrin Suppresses Activation of Nuclear Transcription Factor KB, Activator Protein-1, and C-Jun NH2-Terminal Kinase.

Analytical Chemistry
LC/MS/MS Analyses of an Oleander Extract for Cancer Treatment.

Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy
Composition and Preliminary Pharmacology Studies with Anvirzel™: An Extract of Nerium oleander.

Biochemical Pharmacology
Inhibition of export of fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) from the prostate cancer cell lines PC3 and DU145 by Anvirzel™ and its cardiac glycoside component, oleandrin.

Cancer Letters
Enhancement of radiotherapy by oleandrin in a caspase-3 dependent process.

Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology
Murine pharmacokinetics and metabolism of oleandrin, a cytotoxic component of Nerium oleander.

Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology
Oleandrin - Mediated oxidative stress in human melanoma cells.

Integrative Cancer Therapies
6(4); 2007; Kondo, Y.; Newman, R.A., et al. Autophagic Cell Death of Human Pancreatic Tumor Cells Mediated by Oleandrin, a Lipid-Soluble Cardiac Glycoside.

Molecular Interventions
6(1) 2008; Newman, R.A., et al. Cardiac Glycosides as Novel Cancer Therapeutic Agents.
(An invited review);

Molecular Cancer Therapies
8(8) 2009;Yang, P.; Newman, R. A., et al. Oleandrin-mediated Inhibition of Human Tumor Cell Proliferation: Importance of Na, K-ATPase a Subunits as Drug Targets.

Journal of Neurochemistry
In vitro and in vivo neuroprotective activity of the cardiac glycoside oleandrin from the Nerium oleander in brain slice-based stroke models Top